Har Sinai Craft

May 13, 2013 at 1:18 pm

Children will love making this beautiful and fun Har Sinai craft by Morah Shira!

This project combines coloring, cutting and sticking – the tried and true favorites of small children everywhere!
What I used:
-small card board box
- small plastic-bowl/paper plate
-cork for the “luchot”
- some cotton wool for clouds
- flower confetti (but you could draw flowers, use stickers etc – whatever your craft stash will allow!) to decorate Mt Sinai.
 -green paint
-utility knife/regular knife
-color in green the box and the plastic/ paper bowl from all sides.
-glue the plastic bowl to the center of the box.
-color/draw on the wooden people faces.
-using utility knife cut holes around the bowl that you can stick the people inside.
-Glue 2 corks to each other.
-you can add א-י with black marker/pen-for the Ten Commandments.
-Now grab your gluestick and assemble your picture – Mt Sinai with clouds at the top,
 -decorate with flowers,all over the sinai mountain.
Have fun and chag Sameach!
-Morah Shira