‘Kriat Yam Suf’ Craft

March 15, 2013 at 2:08 am
Take some time off from your cleaning and have some fun with the kids while making this fun ‘Kriat Yam Suf’ ‘Splitting of the Red Sea’ craft! This is also a wonderful hands-on learning project that the whole class can take part in!

What You’ll Need:

How To:

  • Make a tissue paper collage on a large piece of white cardboard:working on small areas at a time. Lay torn pieces of tissue onto glue and then carefully smooth with fingers or brush.
  • Cut wave shapes from your dry tissue paper collage, you’ll need at least 6 waves, but more is good too, as well as a variety of sizes.
  • Cut horizontal slits in the bottom of the waves, a fixed distance from the bottom.
  • Insert wave into the shoe box, from both sides and affix with hot glue or tape.
  • Glue pompoms to the base of the shoe box,so it’s look like the Israelites  or just let the children add little people toys, and let them cross the sea!
  • Tell your kids the story of the splitting of the Red Sea and let them come up with some more things to had.

Enjoy! And have a great Passover!

-Morah Shiraphoto-1