Lag Baomer Craft; Dancing By the Bonfire

April 24, 2013 at 4:27 pm

Material you’ll need:

-Black construction paper
-Modeling clay, make sure you have at least the following colors: orange, yellow, blue, and brown.
-Craft glue ( white glue)
-paper(8 1/2-11)

How to:
-Light the candle; watch the flame carefully and identify the colors it is made of, what is closest to the center of the flame and what is farthest.
-smudge the modeling clay onto the paper in a way that will resemble flames. The modeling clay will stick to the paper.
-Add layers of colors, slowly building up your bonfire.
-Add some brown modeling clay for the wood
Using a brush, apply glue to the modeling clay, it will dry clear and protect your drawing.
Complete the pictures with people around the fire:
-Fold a sheet of paper like an accordion. Make sure all the sections are the same width.
-Draw a picture person whose hands are extended to the sides on the front of the paper.
Make sure the hands extend touch the folds of the paper on each side.
-Cut out the image while holding the paper in the accordion form. Make sure not to cut either of the folded edges where the arms end. If you do, you will have a lot of separate dolls.
Unfold the paper. You should have a whole chain of paper people holding hands.
-Color your paper people with crayons.
-add the people next to the Bon fire .
Glue them standing, as shown in the picture.Image-1
Good luck!

-Morah Shira