Thank you bouquet for teachers

June 18, 2013 at 11:59 pm

Our teachers deserve thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all the efforts they put into giving our children the best year they could possibly have! Thank you!!


What you’ll need:
-Vase (I found mine for a 1$ )
- Foam letters
 How to:
1. Loop one end of one of the colored pipe cleaners and twist to secure it.
2. Make a second loop so that the ends of the two petals are touching.
3. Loop the remaining end over the center so that it forms a third middle petal.
4 Make a second set of petals using the other colored pipe cleaner following steps 1-3.and place on top of the first set.
5.Combine the two sets of petals by using green pipe cleaner and looping together in the middle and secure the flower to the green stem.
6. You can glue button in the middle of the flower.
7. Make as many flower as you like to fill the bouquet!
8: Glue the words thank you to the vase.
Good luck!
-Morah Shira