When the chart stops working…

October 8, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Lately, i’ve found myself steering clear of charts. I found that my four year old would use the chart as a power piece. domain ip Using the times when I would encourage good behavior in order to fill the chart as a good time to assert control.

So, he wanted control, I gave it to him. I filled a sheet with pictures and corresponding words of common triggers that might be making him act out. Needing the bathroom, and being hungry are two of the top triggers. And now, instead of trying to motivate him with the chart, i simply hand over the reigns to him and send him to his trigger sheet.

He takes a look at the pictures and decides what might be making him feel cranky/anxious/wild or nervous, and then i help him correct the trigger. I found it has worked wonders, it has taken all the power struggle out of the picture and has enabled him to take control of himself and self correct the things that may be bothering him and causing his to behave in less than desirable ways.

Here is my trigger sheet, what would you put on yours?

yossis behavior chart