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Jewish Holidays
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Chanukah Lacing Shapes
Lace up a dreidle or menorah with the enclosed strings. Two heavy cardboard shapes included. Great activity for toddlers. ..
"Chanukah" Menorah
This ceramic, hand painted Menorah features a bright and colorful design that spells out the word "Chanukah"! Measures 11.50" l x 1.25" w x 3.25" h ..
"Or Bchag Chanukah" Story book
Written in beautfiul modern Hebrew, this book is a must have gift for Hebrew speaking children and classrooms. It is filled with beautiful illustrations and tells the story of Chanukah.  W..
101+ Chanukah Activities
This kit is full of fun and exciting Chanukah activites! Give it as a gift, or even enjoy it yourself! FEATURES:  • Hours of Chanukah Fun! • Ideal Chanukah Activity! INCLUDES:&..
12 Rosh Hashana Honey Dish Wooden Craft Kits
Get creative with this super easy to assemble wooden Honey Dish craft kit. Decorate the wooden peices with paint, markers, glue or stickers and pop the little leg stands in! All you need is the uni..
3 Inch Matzah Cutouts
Package of 20 round Matzah cutouts. Perfect for Passover crafts!  Measures 3 inches in diameter.  ..
3-D Splitting of the Reed Sea Craft
Create your own 3-D Yam Suf scene by coloring the cardstock sheet and popping out the precut edges.  Great classroom craft! 12 in each package.  ..
4 Inch Matzah Cutouts
Great cardstock round Matzah cutouts! Great for Passover crafts and Haggadot! 20 Per Package. ..
A Chanukah Story For Night Number Three
When your birthday falls on Chanukah like Matisyohu Dov Ber Chaim Tzvi's, something special can happen! Join in the fun as he tries to celebrate with the biggest birthday latke ever made! as to..
Bulk Pack Dreidel 100/package
100 pack bulk pack medium dreidels assorted colors ..
Chanuka Sameach Stickers
Wishing you a Happy Chanukah! Thiese fund and colorful stickers are a great way to get into the Chanukah spirit! 6 stickers per sheet, 10 sheets per package ..
Chanukah Candle Stickers
Package includes 10 sheets of multicolored candle stickers. Each sheet has 12 round stickers.  Stickers measure 1.5 inches in diameter. ..
Chanukah Coloring Book
This beautiful Chanukah coloring book features 16 black and white pages filled with coloring pages, mazes and more!    ..
Chanukah Coloring Book
  32 black and white pages filled with pictures to color, activities to do, and lots of Chanukah learning! Uses Hebrew, English and Yiddish words. Measures 9 x 12. Great for ages 3-9. ..
Chanukah Cookie Cutters; 4 Nesting Dreidels
Bake up a storm with this set of 4 stainless steel nesting dreidels!  ..
Chanukah Cup Cake Holders
Get into the Chanukah spirit with these adorable Chanukah themed cupcake holders. Each package contains 24 Chanukah cupcake holders each measuring 2 inches in diameter, in two different fun Chanuka..
Chanukah Dreidel Erasers
These Chanukah Dreidel shaped erasers are a fun addition to any prize box or Chanukah gift!  Package features 4 dreidel shaped erasers measuring just under an inch tall.  ..
Chanukah Felt Playtime
Chanukah Felt Playtime. Felt board with plently of laminated figures and objects that adhere to the felt board to make countless chanukah pictures. ..
Chanukah Finger Puppets
Bring the lighting of the Menorah to life through this adorable Chanukiah finger puppets! Set includes 9 colorful, smiling finger puppet candles with flames. These are sure to be a favorite in ever..
Chanukah Juggling Balls
Keep things fun and Chanukah themed with these fun Chanukah themed juggling balls! Set includes three balls.  ..
Chanukah Menorah Crown/Border
This bright and fun Chanukah border is sure to be a hit in your classroom! They also can be used has Chanukah crowns to vamp up the Chanukah party fun! Package includes 20 borders/crown.  ..
Chanukah Menorah Window Gel Decoration
Get into the spirit of Chanukah with these nifty Chanukah window gel stickers. This set includes a Menorah with candles and flames and two colorful dreidels. These reusable gel stickers can be used..
Chanukah Metal Cookie Cutters
Bake up a Chanukah storm with this set of 3 durable, stainless steel Chanukah cookie cutters! Set includes a menorah, a dreidel and a star of david.  ..
Chanukah Necklace Kit
  Create you own Chanukah Necklace using the colorful wooden beads included in this Kit. Use the different dreidle shaped beads and assorted shaped colored beads to create your own unique ..
Chanukah Peel and Stick Foam Shapes
  Chanukah peel and stick foam shapes are a wonderful addition to any Chanukah arts and crafts project. The peel and stick feature make this a glue-free activity that almost any child can ..
Chanukah Puzzle 7inches
This beautiful brightly colored wooden Chanukah puzzle is great fun and a wonderful learning tool to enjoy the different themes of Chanukah. Measures 7in x 9 in. Great for ages 2 and up! ..
Chanukah Sameach Menorah Stickers
These brightly colored "Chanukah Sameach" Menorah stickers feature fun and bright Chanukah designs. Package contains 4 sheets with 6 stickers on each, and each sticker is a different design! &n..
Chanukah Sand Art
This great sand art kit contains 2 self adhesive sand art cards measuring 5 x 7 inches each. Just pull off the stickers and pour on or dip into the sand to create a beautiful Chanukah design. Kit i..
Chanukah Stamp Set
This complete chanukah stamp set comes with 5 foam stamps and a red/blue ink pad. What a great way to spice up any Chanukah craft! Ages 3 and Up. ..
Chanukah Stencil
This hard plastic stencil features 7 Chanukah shapes and themes as well as the words "Chanukah Sameach". This stencils is a must have when doing Chanukah crafts!  Masures 11 x 6 inches. Co..
Chanukah Stencils
Package includes a set of 4 flexible Chanukah stencils. Stencils measure 6.5 x 9 inches. Includes a Menorah, Dreidel, Candle and Oil Jug stencils.  ..
Chanukah Sticker Roll
  These 6 foot sparkly Chanukah sticker rolls are great for all types of art projects!  Assorted Chanukah items such as Menorahs and Dreidals in all different sizes make this sticker ..
Chanukah Stickers
Each package contains 1 sheet of multi-colored Chanukah themed stickers. ..
Chanukah Stickers 3-D
This set of Chanukah stickers comes with 1 sheet of assorted Chanukah items including a 2 menorahs, 2 dreidel, sufganiot, gelt and presents. These stickers are 3-D with a bit of a sparkle. Great ad..
Chanukah Styrofoam Shapes
Children love decorating these Chanukah styrofoam shapes! Package includes 4 Chanukah themed shapes: A Menorah, a dreidel, a candle and an oil jug. Shapes measure 3 inches.  ..
Chanukah Themed Smiling Sticker
Features 12 assorted themed Chanukah smiling stickers with Hebrew writing of famous Chanukah songs underneath.  Stickers are round and measure 1.5 inches in diameter. 10 sheets per pac..
Chanukah Treats for Kids; Children's cookbook
Get 'em cooking with this fun and colorful Chanukah cookbook just for kids! Children will enjoy making each of the recipes, 8 recipes for 8 nights of Chanukah!  16 pages; measures 1.25 inc..
Chanukah Velvet Art
This unique Chanukah velvet art includes a dreidel shaped board and four bright colored markers. Just color in the white area on the board to create a beautiful Chanukah decoration! Great for child..
Create Your Own Seder Plate Craft
Nicely designed craft project to create your own Passover seder plate. 16 piece, polyfoam, plate is 6" diameter. 1 set per package. Ages 3 and up.  ..
Create Your Own Seder Plate Craft; Pack of 6
  Nicely designed craft project to create your own Passover seder plate. 16 piece, polyfoam, plate is 6" diameter. 6 sets. Ages 3 and up.  ..
Decorate a Chanukah Sun Catcher Kit
This Chanukah Sun Catcher kit is a great Chanukah activity! Simply use the enclosed paint to paint the enclosed sun catchers, allow to dry and hang them in the window to spread Chanukah cheer! Kit ..
Decorate A Draidel Kit
  No need for any glue with this ingenious self decorated wooden Dreidel! Simply paint each side one at a time allowing for the first side to dry before moving onto the second side. When d..
Decorate A Menorah Kit
No need for any glue with this ingenious self decorated wooden Menorah! Simply paint each side one at a time allowing for the first side to dry before moving onto the second side. When dry, slide t..
Decorate Your Own Kiddush Cup
Decorating your own Kiddush cup is a fun way to bring pride and excitement to the Shabbat or Holiday table!  Contains 24 plastic goblets measuring 5.5 inches tall. Decorate with sticke..
Design Your Own Dreidel
This dreidel decorating kit is the ideal Chanukah activity! Kit includes 2 wooden dreidels just waiting to be painted using the 3 included paint colors, 1 paintbrush, 1 tube of glitter glue and 2 p..
Die-Cut Pesach Letters
Great for crafts and Haggada covers! Pop-out Hebrew letters that spell out Pesach.  Measures 2.3 x 1.4 inches. 20 per package. ..
Dreidel Cardstock Cutouts
Brighten up your Chanukah bulletin board with these bright and colorful cardstock dreidels! These dreidels measure 6.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches across.  20 Per package.  ..
Dreidel Cutouts
Package includes 40 multi-colored, poly-foam dreidel cutouts! Great for Chanukah crafts and bulletin boards! Dreidels measure approximately 2 3/4 inches tall.  ..
Dreidel Goodie Box
Give out Chanukah gelt and Chanukah treats in these delightful and bright dreidel goodie boxes! Simple fold them into shape, fill and enjoy! Package includes 10 2.5 inches tall. ..
Dreidel Shaped Playing Cards
Bring the Chanukah spriit into game night with these fun, Chanukah themed cards! They are decorated in dreidels, and are even shaped like a dreidel! INCLUDES:  • Deck of 54 Playing Car..
Foam Candle Cutouts
These brightly colored poly-foam candles are a great addtion to any Shabbat or Chanukah bulletin board or craft! Includes 20 multi-colored foam cutouts measuring 8 inches tall. ..
Gold Kiddush Cup Cutouts
Contains a package of 20 cardstock kiddush cup cutouts with shiny gold on one side. Excellent for scrapbooking and crafts.  Measures 4.5 inches tall.  ..
Hand Crafted Noahs Ark Menorah
This Menorah is a sure crowd pleaser with it's unique hand crafted design featuring a painted metal Noah's Ark design complete with animals and waves! Measures 12.45" l x 4.00" w x 8.50" h..
Hand Painted Noahs Ark Menorah
For the animals lovers, this menorah is for you! This menorah features a hand painted, ceramic Noah's Ark design with bright and colorful animals! Measures 10.50" l x 1.25" w x 3.00" h ..
Hand Painted Wood Dreidel Medium
hand painted dreidels in a beautiful colors. Dimension approx: 1.5''x.5''  ..
Happy Chanukah Window Gel Decoration
  Get into the spirit of Chanukah with these nifty Chanukah window gel stickers. This set includes the letters to spell out Happy Chanukah and four colorful dreidels. These reusable gel st..
High Holiday Activity and Coloring Book
  16 Double sided pages of High Holiday fun are included in this activity and coloring book! Mazes, Word games, coloring pages, dot-to-dot and picture puzzles make this coloring book as ex..
High Holidays Coloring Book
  32 black and white pages filled with pictures to color, activities to do, and lots of High Holidays learning! Uses Hebrew, English and Yiddish words. Measures 9 x 12. Great for ages ..
Holiday Blessings Wooden Puzzle
This whimsical Holiday Blessings puzzle features six pegged Jewish Holiday themed pictures. Great for toddlers! ..
Hologram Chanukah Set
Spread the joy of Chanukah with this Chanukah hologram set!  FEATURES:  • Ideal Decoration to Enhance & Brighten your Chanukah!  • UL Listed Light String INCLUDES..
Inflatable Dreidel
This fun and whimsical inflatable dreidel in a sure way to brighten up your Chanukah party or classroom! Measures 12 x 12 x 24 inches when inflated.  ..
Interactive Seder Plate Craft
Color and decorate your own Passover Seder Plate! Make it interactive by connecting the 2 pieces with included paper fasteners. This is a great and educational Passover craft! Measures 9 inches..
Jewish Holiday Sponges
Take your Holiday crafts to a new level with these Holiday sponges! Includes a Torah, a Jewish Star, a Candle, a Menorah, a Kiddush Cup and a Dreidel. Measures approximately 1 to 2 inches acros..
Jewish Holidays Stickers
6 Sheets of square Jewish Holidays stickers. Each sheet features 14 stickers, two sets of square 1.5" x 1.25" stickers themed accordingly for each Jewish Holiday of the year. ..
Large Apple Cardboard Cutouts
Add some spark to your Rosh Hashana arts and crafts with these almost too-real looking carboard apple cutouts! Each apple stands 4" tall and comes in a pack of 20. ..
Large Round Matzah Cutout
These Matzah cutouts are great for Passover crafts for all ages! Measures 9 inches in diameter. 20 Matzot to a package. ..
Leshana Tovah Jumbo Dot Stickers
6 Sheets per package, 12 Stickers per sheet! Each sticker measures 1 1/4". Ages 3 and Up. ..
Lulav and Etrog, Die-Cut Sticker
6 Sheets per package, 6 stickers per sheet! Ages 3 and Up. ..
Make Your Own Cardboard Sukkah
Color, cut and paste away to create a beautiful 3-D cardboard sukkah! Each set contains 12 sets.  ..
Make Your Own Grape Juice Kit
Children will love this educational and fun craft! Included in the kit are 24 plastic bottles and caps, 24 stickers and 2 different recipes!   (all you need is water, sugar and grapes..
Medium Round Matzah Cutout
Package contains 20, round cardboard Matzah cutouts. Great for Passover crafts!  Measures 6 inches in diameter.  ..
Medium Square Matzah Cutouts
These square Matzah cutouts are great for Passover crafts for all ages! Made on coated cardboard. Measures 6.25 x 6.25 inches.  20 per package.  ..
Menorah Shaped Puzzle
Chanukah is such a fun time to give and get gifts, and this gift is a real winner! This puzzle features fun Chanukah designs on a wooden, Menorah shaped board! Great for children 3 and up. Meas..
Mini Matzah Cutouts
Your Passover craft will only get cuter with these adorable mini Matzah cutouts. Great for glueing into your Hagadda! Measures 1.5 inches in diameter, 40 Matzot in each pack. ..
Mini Plastic Kiddush Cup
Young children will love this reusable plastic authentic-looking Kiddush cup. Also great for Pesach! Measures 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches in diameter. ..
Mini Sefer Torah for Kids
This beautiful realistic looking mini 8 inch sefer Torah is sure to be treasured by the lucky child who receives one. The Torah is covered with a beautiful authentic design on a soft velvet. Every ..
My Jewish Holidays Board Book
  11 Pages of colorful fun can be find in this little treasure of a book. Each page contains a simple rhyme that makes it a favorite for all ages! The strong board makes it a long las..
My Passover Hagaddah
Your child will love to follow along with the Seder proceedings with this adorable spiral bound Hagaddah. Hagaddah is made of glossy cardboard and filled with bright fun pictures for all the major ..
Children will enjoy the opportunity to set their own Rosh Hashana set. INCLUDES: 1 Soft Shofar, 1 Soft Apple, 1 Soft Honey Pot, 2 Round Challahs, 2 Soft Candlesticks, 1 soft Kiddush Cop, 1 PVC Box ..
My Very Own Plush Chanukah Counting Book
This cuddly and fun Chanukah counting book teaches young children to count from one to ten while learning about Chanukah. Soft cover and pages to protect from wear and tear! Ideal for young childre..
Neighborhood Menorah
Bring the unique to our home this Chanukah, with this brightly colored neighborhood menorah. This ceramic Menorah features the characters in your neighborhood, what a fun way to light Menorah! ..
Oil Jug Cutouts
Brighten up your Chanukah bulletin board or craft with these brightly colored Chanukah Oil Jug cutouts! Made with durable cardstock and bright colors! Package includes 20, 5 inch tall jugs!&nbs..
On This Night
  In this inspired picture book, all the steps of the Passover Seder are described in lovely rhyming verses. The evocative, full color illustrations truly capture the childhood joy of this..
Passover 'Chag Sameach' Poster
This stunning and colorful Passover poster is a must-have! Decorated with Passover themed graphics. Measures 17 x 13 inches. Ruffled edge. ..
Passover Activity Set
This great activity set is sure to bring hours of fun!  Kit includes an activity book (5x 7 inches), 4 postcards (4 x 6 inches), 40 velvet stickers (2 x 2 inches), a make your own afikoman..
Passover Bag Of Plagues
This bag of plagues contains one toy for each plague! No that, is Passover fun! ..
Passover Ball Toss
Keep the Seder hopping and fun with this velcro Passover ball toss! Simply toss the velcro balls at the Seder plate target! Includes 9 inch dart board and 3 plastic-velcro covered balls. Ag..
Passover Board Book
This brightly color Passover board book features a happy rhyming theme that touches on some of the great parts of Passover. Perfect for young children! ..
Passover Build Your Own Seder Plate
Children will love this 3-D buildable Seder plate. Simply glue the included styrofoam pieces in between the decrated layers to create a 3-D masterpiece! Great for ages 3 and up. Kit contain..
Passover Bulletin Board Border
22 inch long Passover themed bulletin board paper strips. 10 per package.  ..
Passover Bulletin Board Set
This all inclusive cardstock Passover set is sure to be a huge hit in the classroom and at home! ..
Passover Card Game
Children and adults will enjoy this educational and fun card game about Passover! Includes 40 cards. 2-6 players, Ages 6 and up. ..
Passover Carry-Along Activity Set
50 fun filled Passover themed coloring and activity pages!  Includes 6 colored crayons! Pages measures 5 x 4.5 inches. Great for ages 3 and up. ..
Passover Colorful Seder Plate
Decorate your Seder table with this brightly colored Seder plate! Plate is made from thick cardboard with thick plastic cups for each of the Seder foods. Decorated with Passover themed pictures and..
Passover Coloring and Activity Book
32 pages of  fun filled Passover enjoyment! Features coloring pages, mazes, color by number and more! Measures 8.5 x 11 inches. ..
Passover Coloring Book
This beautiful coloring book contains black and white colorable pages, as well as full color photos of Passover themes, along with a description on Hebrew and English.  7 double sided page..
Passover Coloring Book
Great Passover coloring book filled with Passover symbols and themes. Measures 8.5 x 11 inches. ..
Passover Coloring Placemats
Coloring is a great way to prepare for Passover, well for children anyway!  Kit includes 8 disposable paper placemats, (2 each of 4 different designs), and 4 crayons. Ages 3 and up. ..
Passover Craft Set
Children will enjoy decorating and glueing to create this beautiful Passover activity sheet craft. Kit contains 12 activity sheets, and the stickers to decorate it.  Children can also ..
Passover Cutouts
Use this set of beautiful Passover cutouts to enhance any Passover craft or bulletin board.  Each sheet contains assorted pop-our Passover shapes. Comes in a set of 12 sheets. ..