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Aleph Bet Balloons; Pack of 144
These extra large and bright latex balloons feature a nice Aleph Bet design that is sure to brighten up any event, party or classroom!  Contains 144 balloons in assorted colors. Colors..
Aleph Bet Bubbles
  These Aleph Bet bubbles are a one of a kind addition to any prize box or party goody bag! Decorated with a fun and colorful Aleph Bet design, these are a must have! Comes in a pack of 12..
Aleph Bet Crayons
  Each package of Aleph Bet crayons comes in a colorful unique Aleph Bet design. Each pack comes with four bright colors for hours of coloring fun! Each package contains 12 boxes of crayon..
Aleph Bet Goodie Box
This colorful Aleph Bet goodie box is a fun way to give out small treats or toys at birthday parties, classroom event and more! Decorated with brightly colored Aleph Bet designs.  Boxes me..
Aleph Bet Pencil Sharpeners
  These mini Aleph Bet pencil sharpeners are a fun addition to any classroom prize box or a party goody bag! Each one has a cute, colorful and unique Aleph Bet design! Comes in a pack of 1..
Aleph Bet Pencils
These red and yellow aleph bet pencils are sure to be a hit in every school and bag and every classroom! Pencils come unsharpened, with a sturdy white eraser; 10 in a pack. Ages 3 and Up. ..
Colorful Aleph Bet Pencils
Contains four colorful and assorted designed Aleph Bet pencils. Great for prize boxes and party favors.  ..
A Classic Jewish childrens game of Jewish jacks that you do not wnat to miss out on! Kugelach Jewish Jacks game plays like Jacks, except with 5 metal squares, (instructions are included on card). P..
My Shabbat Mini Activity Book
  This Shabbat mini activity book has 11 double sided pages filled with word games, dot-to-dots, coloring pages, picture puzzles, mazes and more! Activity book measures 6" x 4". ..
Set of 6 Chanukah Pencils
This set of Chanukah pencils is great gift item, or addit to your prize box for some extra chanukah fun. Packege includes 6 unsharpened penciles. ..