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Aleph Bet Block and Script Flash Cards
These flashcards provide an amazing resource for new script Hebrew learners. With its clear black in white design and large letters, these flashcards are a must have for script learners! Flashc..
Aleph Bet Chocolate Mold
Plastic Aleph Bet Mold. Each letter measures  approximately 1 inch. All letters included plus extra letters and vowels! •Wash mold before first use. Dry well. •Fill cavities with melte..
Aleph Bet Flash Cards with Block, Script & Rashi
Finally! The flashcards you have been searching for are here! These brightly colored, black on green flash cards feature the Aleph Bet written in block, script and rashi letters! These cards are a ..
Aleph Bet Flash Cards with Vowels
These oversized Aleph Bet Flash Cards are a must have for any classroom or home that is teaching Aleph Bet! Cards feature a clear black print on a white background that is very easy to see all the ..
Aleph Bet Foam Magnets
Brand new set of 27 brightly colored, Aleph Bet Foam magnets are a fun and educational way to review Aleph Bet and introduce early word recognition! Set inludes all Aleph Bet including final le..
Aleph Bet Puzzle
Have fun with the Aleph Bet with this fun and bright wooden Aleph bet puzzle!  Ages 3 and up. ..
Aleph Bet Script Sticker Dots
These great new Aleph Bet Script Dots are a must have addition to every classroom and home. With brightly colored sticker background dots and clear script letters they are a great way to practice H..
Animal Die-Cut Stickers
6 Sheets of animal die-cut stickers. Each sheet features 11 assorted animals ..
Canvas Art Jerusalem
Decorate your very own Jerusalem Canvas art with this pre-drawn canvas art set!  Set comes with a canvas and 6 paints.  ..
Canvas Art Shabbat
Enjoy this beatiful do-it-yourself Shabbat canvas art! This product features a pre-drawn Shabbat design that can be decorated using the enclosed paints.  ..
Chanukah Candle Stickers
Package includes 10 sheets of multicolored candle stickers. Each sheet has 12 round stickers.  Stickers measure 1.5 inches in diameter. ..
Color Me Challah Cover
Decorate your own Challah cover and bring some more color to your Shabbat table! This set includes a Challah cover with a beatiful Shabbat design just waiting to be colored using the included marke..
Color Me Mezuzah
Decorate a beautiful Mezuzah case using this fun kit! Kit includes a blank Mezuzah case and markers to decorate it!  ..
Colorful Aleph Bet Pencils
Contains four colorful and assorted designed Aleph Bet pencils. Great for prize boxes and party favors.  ..
Hebrew Motivation Notepad Die-Cut Sticker
12 notepad shaped die-cut stickers with assorted motivational sayings in Hebrew. 6 sheets per package ..
I Can Make A Bracha
Children will be encouraged to say their Brachot with this delightful and colorful board book. Filled with 11 pages of child friendly pictures and ryhmes.  Great for all ages! Measures..
Jewish Holiday Sponges
Take your Holiday crafts to a new level with these Holiday sponges! Includes a Torah, a Jewish Star, a Candle, a Menorah, a Kiddush Cup and a Dreidel. Measures approximately 1 to 2 inches acros..
Kosher Animals
This great new item features 4 thick plastic, realistic looking Kosher animals for play. Animals measure about 3 inches long and 2 inches high and include two (2) cows and two (2) goats.  ..
Large Aleph Bet Flash Cards
These oversized Aleph Bet Flash Cards are a must have for any classroom or home that is teaching Aleph Bet! Cards feature a clear black print on a white background that is very easy to see all the ..
Shabbat Sticker
Beautiful Shabbat stickers to brighten up your Shabbat crafts! Features 18 fabric, glitter, Shabbat themed stickers! ..
Shimmy the Youngest
A classic Jewish childrens' story book reprinted!  Shimmy is the youngest in his family, and it seems as if he always has to wait for everything! He’s the last one to get a sip from ..
The Books of Bereishit Stickers
This sticker set features a scene from each of the Parshiot that can be found in the book of Bereishit, along with the title of that parsha written in Hebrew. 12 square stickers per sheet, 6 sh..
Tower Of David Rubber Puzzle
This Rubber Aleph Bet Puzzle is a real treasure! Made in the shape of Migdal David, the Tower of David, and featuring a multicolored rubber puzzle with Aleph bet letters on each piece! Measures..