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My First Sing Along Siddur
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he beautifully designed Sing-Along Siddur gives your children the opportunity to start the day in a more meaningful way. The Siddur will revolutionize the way your children view Davening; no longer a daily ritual, but a fun and exciting activity that will be much anticipated.

The stunning pictures will provide your children with a clear understanding of the words they are reciting, as they clap and sing along with the accompanying CD, which is great for adults too!

Included also are the 12 Torah Passages, which were suggested by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to teach many Jewish fundamentals to children. The Siddur also includes all the blessings a child may need to recite.

With the Sing-Along Siddur, not only is Davening fun for children, but parents can enjoy this special time too. All you have to do is pop in the CD and sing along!

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