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Der Cheder Yingel Coloring Book
  32 black and white pages filled with pictures to color, activities to do, and lots of ..
Desk Name Plate
Enhance your students ddesks with these fun Hebrew, school themed name plate. Made on glossy card..
Moshe Goes to Yeshiva
A must for first-time school-goers! The big day is fast approaching! Moshe will be going to ..
Name Badge
Label your students desks, lockers, chairs or cubbies using this glossy cardstock, school themed ..
Pencils, Die-Cut Stickers
6 Sheets per packages. 12 Pencils per sheet! ..
Purple Blocks Aleph Bet School Bag
  Make the first day of school even more special with this unique purple and pink Aleph ..
School Theme Die-Cut Stickers
Unique assorted school-themed stickers. 6 sheets per package. Ages 3 and up. ..
Talmud Torah School Bus
Your precious little 'Talmud Torah bus driver' will have loads of fun opening the door to admit m..
What Do You See at School
Teach your toddler about school with this bright and colorful word-and-picture book! Children wil..
Yellow Baruch Haba Bowties
Welcome students into their new classroom and new year with these bright yellow, fun bow ties! Ea..