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Aleph Bet Cookie Cutters
  This complete set of 27 plastic cookie cutters includes all the Hebrew Letters (includ..
Chanukah Cookie Cutters
Baking is always a fun way to celebrate a Holiday, and now Chanukah baking will be even more fun ..
Chanukah Cookie Cutters; 4 Nesting Dreidels
Bake up a storm with this set of 4 stainless steel nesting dreidels!  ..
Chanukah Cup Cake Holders
Get into the Chanukah spirit with these adorable Chanukah themed cupcake holders. Each package co..
Chanukah Metal Cookie Cutters
Bake up a Chanukah storm with this set of 3 durable, stainless steel Chanukah cookie cutters! Set..
Purim Cookie Cutters
Made from durable plastic. Includes 1 Gragger, 1Mask, 1 Hamentash, 1 Megillah, 1 Crown.  ..
Shabbat and Holiday Cookie Cutters
Cookies have never been the same with these sturdy stainless steel, long lasting Shabbat and Holi..