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101+ Chanukah Activities
This kit is full of fun and exciting Chanukah activites! Give it as a gift, or even enjoy it your..
Aleph Bet Adventure
  This fun and colorful board game provides early exposure to the Hebrew alphabet and bu..
Aleph Bet Bingo
    Aleph Bet Bingo is a great game for both pre-readers and children who know ..
Aleph Bet Inflatable Beach Ball
Features a large 16 inch inflatable beach ball with colorful Aleph Bet letters on it. Ages 3 ..
Aleph Bet Memory Game
  Aleph Bet Memory game gives from 1-6 players endless amount of non-reading fun! Match ..
Apples To Apples, Jewish Edition
A Jewish edition of the classic "Apples to Apples" game, licensed by Out of The Box Games. Ages 1..
Apples to Apples, JUNIOR Jewish Edition
A JUNIOR Jewish edition of the classic "Apples to Apples" game, licensed by Out of The Box Games...
Avraham And Guests Wooden Torah Stories Block Set
  Bring Torah stories to life with this beautifully crafted wooden building blocks set p..
Chanukah Bouncing Ball
This see-through, sparkly, light-weight Chanukah bouncing ball is a great gift or prize box item...
Chanukah Bouncy Ball Set of 12
  This see-through, sparkly, light-weight Chanukah bouncing ball is a great gift or priz..
Chanukah Dominos
Chanukah dominos make a great group classroom or home activity! This game comes with 28 brightly ..
Chanukah Draidel Game Board
Finally, a way to play the game of 'Draidel' without loosing the draidel! This genious draidel ga..
Chanukah Felt Playtime
Chanukah Felt Playtime. Felt board with plently of laminated figures and objects that adhere to t..
Chanukah Juggling Balls
Keep things fun and Chanukah themed with these fun Chanukah themed juggling balls! Set includ..
Chanukah Jumping Jack Draydel
Wind me up and watch me jump! This super fun and entertaining jumping draydels is sure to provide..
Chanukah Latke Bingo Game
Bingo has never been more fun with this brightly colored Chanukah themed Bingo game! Features 6 l..
Chanukah Launch and Spin Draydel
Watch your Draydel spin and light up with this fun and entertaining draydel! Simply place the bla..
Chanukah Memory Game
1-6 Players can enjoy this brightly colored Chanukah memory game. Set includes 72 chanukah themed..
Chanukah Musical Yoyo
This musical Chanukah yoyo is a great Chanukah gift! It lights up and plays Chanukah music! A..
Chanukah Pump and Spin Dreydel
  Watch your Draydel spin,light up and play Chanukah music with this fun and entertainin..
Chanukah: Game of four
This "Go-fish" style Chanukah card game is not just fun, but also a great resource in learning an..
CHOO-CHOO ALEF Learn the Hebrew alphabet as you chug-chug along.
  Educational and fun, this colorful choo choo train is constructed with building blocks..
Deluxe Kugelach With Pouch
Deluxe Kugelach, with a velvet storage pouch, packed on blistercard suitable for peg display. A s..
Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Aleph Bet Game
This wooden magnetic Aleph Bet game is a unique and fun way for children to practice letter shape..
Dreidel Shaped Playing Cards
Bring the Chanukah spriit into game night with these fun, Chanukah themed cards! They are decorat..
Dueling Bouncing Draydels
Battle it out in the ultimate Duel of the bouncing dreidels. Each players winds up his dreidel, p..
Jewish Nesting Blocks
  These nesting blocks are covered in multi themed Jewish scenes on all sides, and provi..
A Classic Jewish childrens game of Jewish jacks that you do not wnat to miss out on! Kugelach Jew..
Large Aleph Bet Puzzle
Children will love this "Look and See" wooden Aleph Bet puzzle! Lift of the letter to reveal a gr..
One Minute Jewish Party Games
  Each package contains an activity book that describes eighteen different jewish party ..
Passover Bag Of Plagues
This bag of plagues contains one toy for each plague! No that, is Passover fun! ..
Passover Ball Toss
Keep the Seder hopping and fun with this velcro Passover ball toss! Simply toss the velcro balls ..
Passover Card Game
Children and adults will enjoy this educational and fun card game about Passover! Includes 40..
Passover Dominoes
Play dominoes in true Passover style with this brightly colored set of Passover dominoes. Inlcude..
Passover Flying Frogs
Package comes with 8 flying frogs! Each frog measures 3.25 x .75 inches. Ages 3 and  ..
Passover Foam Mosaic Kit
This fun and educational foam mosaic kit contains 2 mosaic template cards (measuring 5 x 7 inches..
Passover Game of Four
This "Go Fish" style Passover themed card game is a perfect addition to the Passover game collect..
Passover Juggling Matzah Balls
This cute Matzvah Ball Juggling set comes with 3 juggling balls with a Matzah pattern! Each ball ..
Passover Memory Game
This Passover memory game is a fun and educational way to learn about Passover and all the symbol..
Passover Round Jigsaw Puzzle
Features a 100 piece Passover themed round jigsaw puzzle. Completed puzzle measures 12 inches..
Passover Sand Art
Decorate a Passover theme using this sand art kit. Kit comes with 2 self adhesive Passover themed..
Passover Seder Bingo
Your Seder will be better than ever with the Seder themed bingo game! Keep your Seder guests on t..
Passover Seder Game
Enjoy a lively Passover game with this great pop out cardstock Passover game set!  Inclu..
Passover Sticker Scene
This amazing and educational reusable sticker set includes 1 double sided story board featuring P..
Schmear! Build-A-Bagel Card Game
Start your sandwiches! Stack up slices and use your noodle to become the player with the most mun..
Shabbat Felt Playtime
  Use the laminated Shabbat objects and figures to create endless Shabbat scenes on the ..
Shabbat Foam Puzzle
This Shabbat foam puzzle comes with with 30 peices of foam fun! Chlidren will enjoy putting toget..
Shopping for Shabbat Memory Game
  Shopping for Shabbat was never this much fun! Be the first player to fill your cart wi..
Toss and Play Activity Set
  This magical box contains hours of endless fun using just a double sided vinyl floor m..
Yo Bagel
Yo Bagel, a real working yo-yo that looks like a take-out bagel sandwich! ..