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Purim Guess Who?
  It's exciting and interactive for children to guess the rhyming Purim riddles, then op..
Purim Hand clapping Graggers
Brightly colored hand clapping gragger! Assorted colors. ..
Purim Jeweled Crown, 7"
A King, A Queen, A Princess, A Prince! You can be royalty with this fun gold-jeweled Purim crown!..
Purim Jeweled Crown, 8"
You can be Purim royalty with this brightly colored jeweled, gold tone, Purim crown! Measures 8" ..
Purim Laser-Cute Banner
Decorate your Purim party with this multi-colored Purim banner! Stretches to 57 inches wide! ..
Purim Masks
Slip on a quick Purim disguise with these colorful foam Purim masks! Includes 1 Queen Esther mask..
Purim Melamine Rectangle Tray
Serve your Purim meal in true Purim fashion with this whimsical and fun Purim tray! Measures 15 i..
Purim Melamine Square Bowl, 6"
Serve your Purim meal in style with this brightly colored square 6 inch serving bowl. Not sui..
Purim Melamine Tray
Celebrate Purim in style with this whimsical, Purim themed triangular serving plate.  Me..
Purim Paperware Value Pack
This brightly colored Purim party paperware set is all you need to set the Purim scene! Set i..
Purim Prismatic Stickers
Spruce up your Purim craft or even your Shalach Manot with these brightly colored Purim themed st..
Purim Tambourine Graggers
Change it up with this unique and fun tambourine gragger! Assorted colors.  ..
Purim Triangular Melamine Tray
Serve those Hamantashen in style with this Purim themed tray! Measures 10.75" x 9.50" x 1.00". ..
Purim Window Gel Decorations
Let the world know how much you love Purim wih these colorful window decorations! Reusable! ..
Purim, "Happy Purim" Flag Graggers
These brightly colored Purim flag graggers are such a fun way to celebrate purim! ..
Rosh Hashana Cookie Cutters
Made from a durable stainless steel these Rosh Hashana themed cookie cutters are sure to be a hit..
Rosh Hashana Honey Dish Craft
Get creative with this super easy to assemble wooden Honey Dish craft kit. Decorate the wooden&nb..
Rosh Hashana Sand Art
  Decorate this wonderful scene by peeling off the stickers and using the 8 different co..
Rosh Hashana Symbols Sand Art
  Decorate this wonderful scene by peeling off the stickers and using the 8 different co..
Shana Tova Border
Brighten your Rosh Hashana bulletin board with these amazing, must-have Rosh Hashana Borders! Dec..
Shofar Cutouts
These 3.5" cutouts are an excellent addition to any Rosh Hashana arts and crafts projects. Made o..
Touch Of Passover
Explore Passover customs and symbols with this engaging board book! Children will enjoy the the s..
What do you see on Pesach?
This brightly colored board book is a great way for young children to familiarize with the symbol..