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3 Inch Matzah Cutouts
Package of 20 round Matzah cutouts. Perfect for Passover crafts!  Measures 3 inches in d..
4 Inch Matzah Cutouts
Great cardstock round Matzah cutouts! Great for Passover crafts and Haggadot! 20 Per Package...
Large Round Matzah Cutout
These Matzah cutouts are great for Passover crafts for all ages! Measures 9 inches in diamete..
Medium Round Matzah Cutout
Package contains 20, round cardboard Matzah cutouts. Great for Passover crafts!  Measure..
Medium Square Matzah Cutouts
These square Matzah cutouts are great for Passover crafts for all ages! Made on coated cardboard...
Mini Matzah Cutouts
Your Passover craft will only get cuter with these adorable mini Matzah cutouts. Great for gluein..
Passover Build Your Own Seder Plate
Children will love this 3-D buildable Seder plate. Simply glue the included styrofoam pieces in b..
Passover Foam Glitter Shapes and Matzot
  Give your Passover craft a sparkle with these Passover themed foam glitter shapes!&nbs..
Passover Matzah Poster
This extra large matzah poster is a great backdrop for Pesach crafts and bulletin boards. Mea..
Seder Plate Symbols Card
Contains a sheet of pop-out round Seder symbols. 1 inch diameter. Each package contains 2..
Super Passover Coloring Book
This extra large Passover coloring book is sure to give hours of Passover fun! 6 double sided pag..