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3 Inch Matzah Cutouts
Package of 20 round Matzah cutouts. Perfect for Passover crafts!  Measures 3 inches in d..
3-D Splitting of the Reed Sea Craft
Create your own 3-D Yam Suf scene by coloring the cardstock sheet and popping out the precut edge..
4 Inch Matzah Cutouts
Great cardstock round Matzah cutouts! Great for Passover crafts and Haggadot! 20 Per Package...
Create Your Own Seder Plate Craft
Nicely designed craft project to create your own Passover seder plate. 16 piece, polyfoam, plate ..
Create Your Own Seder Plate Craft; Pack of 6
  Nicely designed craft project to create your own Passover seder plate. 16 piece, polyf..
Decorate Your Own Kiddush Cup
Decorating your own Kiddush cup is a fun way to bring pride and excitement to the Shabbat or Holi..
Die-Cut Pesach Letters
Great for crafts and Haggada covers! Pop-out Hebrew letters that spell out Pesach.  Meas..
Gold Kiddush Cup Cutouts
Contains a package of 20 cardstock kiddush cup cutouts with shiny gold on one side. Excellent for..
Interactive Seder Plate Craft
Color and decorate your own Passover Seder Plate! Make it interactive by connecting the 2 pieces ..
Large Round Matzah Cutout
These Matzah cutouts are great for Passover crafts for all ages! Measures 9 inches in diamete..
Make Your Own Grape Juice Kit
Children will love this educational and fun craft! Included in the kit are 24 plastic bottles and..
Medium Round Matzah Cutout
Package contains 20, round cardboard Matzah cutouts. Great for Passover crafts!  Measure..
Medium Square Matzah Cutouts
These square Matzah cutouts are great for Passover crafts for all ages! Made on coated cardboard...
Mini Matzah Cutouts
Your Passover craft will only get cuter with these adorable mini Matzah cutouts. Great for gluein..
My Passover Hagaddah
Your child will love to follow along with the Seder proceedings with this adorable spiral bound H..
On This Night
  In this inspired picture book, all the steps of the Passover Seder are described in lo..
Passover 'Chag Sameach' Poster
This stunning and colorful Passover poster is a must-have! Decorated with Passover themed graphic..
Passover Activity Set
This great activity set is sure to bring hours of fun!  Kit includes an activity book (5..
Passover Bag Of Plagues
This bag of plagues contains one toy for each plague! No that, is Passover fun! ..
Passover Ball Toss
Keep the Seder hopping and fun with this velcro Passover ball toss! Simply toss the velcro balls ..
Passover Board Book
This brightly color Passover board book features a happy rhyming theme that touches on some of th..
Passover Build Your Own Seder Plate
Children will love this 3-D buildable Seder plate. Simply glue the included styrofoam pieces in b..
Passover Bulletin Board Border
22 inch long Passover themed bulletin board paper strips. 10 per package.  ..
Passover Bulletin Board Set
This all inclusive cardstock Passover set is sure to be a huge hit in the classroom and at home! ..
Passover Card Game
Children and adults will enjoy this educational and fun card game about Passover! Includes 40..
Passover Carry-Along Activity Set
50 fun filled Passover themed coloring and activity pages!  Includes 6 colored crayons! ..
Passover Colorful Seder Plate
Decorate your Seder table with this brightly colored Seder plate! Plate is made from thick cardbo..
Passover Coloring and Activity Book
32 pages of  fun filled Passover enjoyment! Features coloring pages, mazes, color by number ..
Passover Coloring Book
This beautiful coloring book contains black and white colorable pages, as well as full color phot..
Passover Coloring Book
Great Passover coloring book filled with Passover symbols and themes. Measures 8.5 x 11 inche..
Passover Coloring Placemats
Coloring is a great way to prepare for Passover, well for children anyway!  Kit includes..
Passover Craft Set
Children will enjoy decorating and glueing to create this beautiful Passover activity sheet craft..
Passover Cutouts
Use this set of beautiful Passover cutouts to enhance any Passover craft or bulletin board. ..
Passover Deluxe Soft Seder Set
This amazing plush Seder set includes a Seder plate, a Kiddush Cup, 3 Matzot, 1 Shankbone, 1 Egg,..
Passover Design Your Own Seder Plate
Create your own beautiful and unique Seder Plate  using the enclosed acrylic seder plate (9 ..
Passover Dominoes
Play dominoes in true Passover style with this brightly colored set of Passover dominoes. Inlcude..
Passover Fabric Stickers
I sheet of fabric, Passover themed die-cut stickers. Ages 3 and up. ..
Passover Flying Frogs
Package comes with 8 flying frogs! Each frog measures 3.25 x .75 inches. Ages 3 and  ..
Passover Foam Activity Kit
Get into the Passover spirit with this fun Passover foam craft! Kit includes 28 Passover foam sha..
Passover Foam Finger Puppet Kit
Create your own Passover finger puppets with this great foam kit. Simply follow the easy assembly..
Passover Foam Glitter Shapes
  Take any Passover craft to a new level with this super set of multi colored and shaped..
Passover Foam Glitter Shapes and Matzot
  Give your Passover craft a sparkle with these Passover themed foam glitter shapes!&nbs..
Passover Foam Mosaic Kit
This fun and educational foam mosaic kit contains 2 mosaic template cards (measuring 5 x 7 inches..
Passover Foam Shapes
Take any Passover craft to a new level with this super set of multi colored and shaped Passover t..
Passover Foam Shapes Set
Give your Passover craft a sparkle with these Passover themed foam shapes!  Package cont..
Passover Four Cups Activity
Enjoy a great Passover learning activity using the enclosed cardboard wine goblets, fastener and ..
Passover Four Questions Finger Puppets
This plush set includes four double-sided adorable finger puppets, one for each of the four quest..
Passover Game of Four
This "Go Fish" style Passover themed card game is a perfect addition to the Passover game collect..
Passover Glitter Foam Shapes
Give your Passover craft a sparkle with these Passover themed foam glitter shapes!  Pack..
Passover Inflatable Matzah Ball
Seder games anyone? This inflatable Matzah ball is sure to be a hit on Passover! Inflates to ..
Passover Juggling Matzah Balls
This cute Matzvah Ball Juggling set comes with 3 juggling balls with a Matzah pattern! Each ball ..
Passover Matzah Poster
This extra large matzah poster is a great backdrop for Pesach crafts and bulletin boards. Mea..
Passover Matzah Sand Fun
Create a unique sand craft with this fun Passover sand art kit. Simply pull up the stickers to re..
Passover Matzah Stickers
Package contains 36 sheets of round Matzah stickers. 6 1.75 inches in diameter per sheet. ..
Passover Memory Game
This Passover memory game is a fun and educational way to learn about Passover and all the symbol..
Passover Mini Activity Book
Features a colorful activity book filled with coloring pages, mazes, color by number and more! ..
Passover Pages
These Passover themed pages have a Passover themed border for a fun way to present Passover messa..
Passover Pillow Covers
Create your own passover pillow with this pillow craft! Package contains 10 white 12 x 12 inc..
Passover Pleasers, Kids Cookbook
Help get children excited for Pesach food with this brightly colored cookbook for kids! 10 fun re..
Passover Plush Seder Set, 7 Pieces
Children will love to play with this cute and fun plush seder set!  Set includes 6 food ..
Passover Plush Set
Kids will love this set of 3 square Matzot and 1 cup of grapjuice, all plush!  Matzot me..
Passover PolyFoam Frogs
These cute multi-shaped foam frogs are a great addition to any passover project. Simply glue, and..
Passover Polyfoam Kiddush Cups
Package of cutouts of kiddush cups. Peel-off stickyback polyfoam. About 2" high, 20 per package. ..
Passover Pop-out Set
This beautiful sheet of silver style pop-outs is sure to enhance any Passover craft! Each set..
Passover Poster
Cut out these beautiful Passover symbols and graphic to spruce up your classroom and home! Me..
Passover Poster Set
This Pesach set visually portrays 'simanei haSeder', the order of the Seder colorfully depicted i..
Passover Prismatic Sticker
Each package includes 2 sheets of assorted Passover themed prismatic die-cut stickers. Great for ..
Passover Project Pages
  These Passover themed pages have a Passover themed border for a fun way to present Pas..
Passover Project Pages
Package of project pages, Pesach themed. Graphics include a seder plate, haggadah, wine goblet, b..
Passover Rectangle Placemat
  Decorate your Passover table with this brightly colored and unique rectangle plastic r..
Passover Round Jigsaw Puzzle
Features a 100 piece Passover themed round jigsaw puzzle. Completed puzzle measures 12 inches..
Passover Round Placemat
Decorate your Passover table with this brightly colored and unique round plastic resuable placema..
Passover Sand Art
Decorate a Passover theme using this sand art kit. Kit comes with 2 self adhesive Passover themed..
Passover Sand Art, 12
This Sand art kit is a wonderful Passover activity for the classroom or for your family! Includes..
Passover Seder Bingo
Your Seder will be better than ever with the Seder themed bingo game! Keep your Seder guests on t..
Passover Seder Coloring Book
This coloring book is a wonderful enjoyable learning experience for any young child! Filled with ..
Passover Seder Game
Enjoy a lively Passover game with this great pop out cardstock Passover game set!  Inclu..
Passover Seder Plate
  Decorate your Seder table with this elegant Seder plate! Plate is made from thick card..
Passover Seder Plate Craft
Children will love decorating these beautiful Passover Seder plates.  Plates are made on..
Passover Seder Plate Craft, Set of 12
  Children will love decorating these beautiful Passover Seder plates.  Plates ..
Passover Seder Plate Crafts
Use your imagination to decorate your own beautiful seder plate! Simply decorate the preprinted S..
Passover Seder Plate Cutouts
These beautifully designed Passover Seder Plate symbol pop-outs.  Contains 6 pop out cir..
Passover Seder Plate Symbols Stickers
Contains 6 sheets of 2 inch round stickers, for each symbol on the seder plate.  Great f..
Passover Seder Steps Stickers
Contains brightly colored medium round stickers for each of the steps of the seder. Each sticker ..
Passover Seder Symbols Stickers
Package contains 10 sheets of mini dot Passover themed stickers.   ..
Passover Soft Seder Set
Children will love to run their own Seder with this gorgeous soft set.  Set includes A s..
Passover Sponge Set
Your Passover crafts will be extra special when you use these great Passover sponges to create a ..
Passover Stained Glass Project, 18 Kits
This beautiful craft is a great choice for classroom and home Passover decoration! Kit comes with..
Passover Stencil Set
This Passover themed stencil set is sure to be a hit with any Passover craft! Contains 4 desi..
Passover Sticker Scene
This amazing and educational reusable sticker set includes 1 double sided story board featuring P..
Passover Stickers
Package contains sheets of round Passover stickers. Each sticker features text and graphic. ..
Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets
Act out the story of the Ten Plagues with these brightly colored finger puppets! Includes 10 fing..
Passover Ten Plagues Hand Puppets Kit
Create your own Ten Plagues Puppets using the including materials! Kit includes:  ..
Passover Themed Stickers
Pesach sticker collection consists of seder items and figures of the story. About 3/4" diameter, ..
Passover Transparencies
36 Passover themed transparencies per package, printed on transparent, tissuey paper, for a stain..
Passover with the 10 Little Rabbis
This coloring book includes coloring pages, blessings, and other information about celebrating Pa..
Pesach Coloring Book
  32 black and white pages filled with pictures to color, activities to do, and lots of ..
Seder Plate Symbols Card
Contains a sheet of pop-out round Seder symbols. 1 inch diameter. Each package contains 2..
Silver Kiddush Cup Cutouts
Contains package of 20 kiddush cup cutouts with shiny silver on one side. Great for holiday craft..
Styrofoam Kiddush Cup
This styrofoam kiddush cup is a great canvas for any arts and crafts project! Made with thick sty..