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Passover Fabric Stickers
I sheet of fabric, Passover themed die-cut stickers. Ages 3 and up. ..
Passover Matzah Stickers
Package contains 36 sheets of round Matzah stickers. 6 1.75 inches in diameter per sheet. ..
Passover Polyfoam Kiddush Cups
Package of cutouts of kiddush cups. Peel-off stickyback polyfoam. About 2" high, 20 per package. ..
Passover Prismatic Sticker
Each package includes 2 sheets of assorted Passover themed prismatic die-cut stickers. Great for ..
Passover Seder Plate Symbols Stickers
Contains 6 sheets of 2 inch round stickers, for each symbol on the seder plate.  Great f..
Passover Seder Steps Stickers
Contains brightly colored medium round stickers for each of the steps of the seder. Each sticker ..
Passover Seder Symbols Stickers
Package contains 10 sheets of mini dot Passover themed stickers.   ..
Passover Stickers
Package contains sheets of round Passover stickers. Each sticker features text and graphic. ..
Passover Themed Stickers
Pesach sticker collection consists of seder items and figures of the story. About 3/4" diameter, ..