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Mezuzah Toy
Introduce baby to Jewish symbols with this irresistible plush mezuzah character. Attaches to st..
  his whimsical baby mobile features adorable Jewish characters and plays the classic Ad..
My Large Soft Torah
  This plush Torah is sure to be a hit, wether in the classroom or at home! Comes in dar..
My Small Soft Torah
  This lovable Torah is soft and great for young hands. Comes in dark blue or light blue..
My Soft Chanukah Set
This colorful, plush Chanukah set is a great toy and a great resource for teaching and enjoying C..
My Soft Menorah Set
From an early age, children will enjoy this soft and colorful plush Menorah set. Complete with Me..
My Soft Musical Draidel
This beautiful soft, plush musical driedel is decorated with embroidered Hebrew letters on either..
Children will enjoy the opportunity to set their own Rosh Hashana set. INCLUDES: 1 Soft Shofar, 1..
My Soft Shabbat Set
  Children will enjoy the opportunity to set their own Shabbat table with plush Shabbat ..
My Very Own Jumbo Torah
This extra large plush, stuffed Torah is sure to be a cuddler! Measures 25 inches. Great for ..
My Very Own Plush Chanukah Counting Book
This cuddly and fun Chanukah counting book teaches young children to count from one to ten while ..
My Very Own Tiny Torah
This plush, stuffed tiny Torah is sure to please those tiny hands. Measures 7 inches. For all..
My Very Own Torah
Perfectly sized, this plush stuffed Torah is a child favorite. Measures 16 inches. Great for ..
Passover Deluxe Soft Seder Set
This amazing plush Seder set includes a Seder plate, a Kiddush Cup, 3 Matzot, 1 Shankbone, 1 Egg,..
Passover Four Questions Finger Puppets
This plush set includes four double-sided adorable finger puppets, one for each of the four quest..
Passover Plush Seder Set, 7 Pieces
Children will love to play with this cute and fun plush seder set!  Set includes 6 food ..
Passover Plush Set
Kids will love this set of 3 square Matzot and 1 cup of grapjuice, all plush!  Matzot me..
Passover Soft Seder Set
Children will love to run their own Seder with this gorgeous soft set.  Set includes A s..
Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppets
Act out the story of the Ten Plagues with these brightly colored finger puppets! Includes 10 fing..
Pushka Toy
  This lovable tzedakah pushka (charity box) character features a plush coin coin that i..
Torah Toy
  This charming plush Torah character that easily attaches to car seats and strollers, i..