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3D Beit Hamikdosh Puzzle
Children who love to build will love this 3D Beit Hamikdosh puzzle.  Contains thin woode..
Aleph Bet Puzzle
Have fun with the Aleph Bet with this fun and bright wooden Aleph bet puzzle!  Ages 3 an..
Chanukah Foam Mosaic Craft Kit
  Watch your Chanukah design grow as you follow the color guide to place the small self ..
Chanukah Puzzle 11 inches
This wooden Chanukah puzzle features 11 brightly colored Chanukah themed peices with pegs for eas..
Chanukah Puzzle 7inches
This beautiful brightly colored wooden Chanukah puzzle is great fun and a wonderful learning tool..
Chanukah Round Jigsaw Puzzle
Are you a jigsaw puzzle fan? Then this is an amazing one for you! Not a jugsaw puzzle fan yet? We..
Holiday Blessings Wooden Puzzle
This whimsical Holiday Blessings puzzle features six pegged Jewish Holiday themed pictures. Great..
Large Aleph Bet Puzzle
Children will love this "Look and See" wooden Aleph Bet puzzle! Lift of the letter to reveal a gr..
Menorah Shaped Puzzle
Chanukah is such a fun time to give and get gifts, and this gift is a real winner! This puzzle fe..
Passover Round Jigsaw Puzzle
Features a 100 piece Passover themed round jigsaw puzzle. Completed puzzle measures 12 inches..
This 9 x 12 brightly colored Noah's Ark puzzle is made of this cardboard for extended use. This p..
Rubber Magen David Puzzle
This brightly colored Jewish Star puzzle features 22 brightly colored rubber foam peices that can..
Rubber Torah Puzzle
This rubber Torah puzzle is a fun way to practice Aleph Bet! Puzzle contains 22 rubber peices wit..
Small Aleph Bet Puzzle
  Children will love this "Look and See" wooden Aleph Bet puzzle! Lift of the letter to ..
Tower Of David Rubber Puzzle
This Rubber Aleph Bet Puzzle is a real treasure! Made in the shape of Migdal David, the Tower of ..
Passover Seder Puzzle
Features a round, wooden brightly colored Passover Seder plate puzzle. 7 Pieces. Ages 3 and u..