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39 Malachot
  32 black and white pages filled with pictures to color, activities to do, and lots of ..
Abba Shel Shabbat
The Shabbat Abba in your classsroom will feel extra special wearing this colorful cardstock crown..
Around the Shabbos Table
It all began one Friday night when Tova Leiba changed placed with her brother at the Shabbos tabl..
Braid The Challah
  In this charming rhyme about making challah from scratch, enthusiastic children act ou..
Canvas Art Shabbat
Enjoy this beatiful do-it-yourself Shabbat canvas art! This product features a pre-drawn Shabbat ..
Child Black Hat
Strut to your Shabbat party in style with this felt black fedora hat! The Shabbat Abba has never ..
Color Me Challah Cover
Decorate your own Challah cover and bring some more color to your Shabbat table! This set include..
Decorate Your Own Kiddush Cup
Decorating your own Kiddush cup is a fun way to bring pride and excitement to the Shabbat or Holi..
Foam Candle Cutouts
These brightly colored poly-foam candles are a great addtion to any Shabbat or Chanukah bulletin ..
Ima Shel Shabbat Crown
The Shabbat Ima in your classsroom will feel extra special wearing this colorful cardstock crown ..
Is it Shabbos Yet? Yiddish Version
Join Malkie as she prepares for Shabbos!    Perfect for ages 2-5   ..
Make Your Own Cardboard Shabbat Flowers
Color and fold to create a beautiful cardboard bouqet of 9.5" tall Shabbat flowers! Each package ..
Mini Plastic Kiddush Cup
Young children will love this reusable plastic authentic-looking Kiddush cup. Also great for Pesa..
My Shabbat Mini Activity Book
  This Shabbat mini activity book has 11 double sided pages filled with word games, dot-..
My Shabbos 1,2,3's
Danny and DIna can count to ten. As they set the Shabbos table, Let's count along with them! ..
My Soft Shabbat Set
  Children will enjoy the opportunity to set their own Shabbat table with plush Shabbat ..
Plastic Kiddush Cup
This authentic looking plastic kiddush cup is a great addition to any dress up box, or for use at..
Shabbat and Holiday Cookie Cutters
Cookies have never been the same with these sturdy stainless steel, long lasting Shabbat and Holi..
Shabbat Board Book
  11 Pages of colorful fun can be find in this little treasure of a book. Each page cont..
Shabbat Coloring Book
32 black and white pages filled with pictures to color, activities to do, and lots of Shabbat lea..
Shabbat Felt Playtime
  Use the laminated Shabbat objects and figures to create endless Shabbat scenes on the ..
Shabbat Foam Puzzle
This Shabbat foam puzzle comes with with 30 peices of foam fun! Chlidren will enjoy putting toget..
Shabbat Kodesh Dots
  6 Sheets per package, 48 Stickers per sheet! Each sticker measures just over .5” ..
Shabbat Kodesh Puzzle Magic
  There is nothing like sticker fun! Create a wonderful scene using the 25 numbered stic..
Shabbat Kodesh, Die-Cut Stickers
6 Sheets per package. Ages 3 and Up. ..
Shabbat Lace-Ups
  Toddlers will love using the the enclosed string to lace up the candle and kiddish cup..
Shabbat Sand Art Collection
This Shabbat sand art collection kit contains three 5" x 7" sand boards complete with pre-cut eas..
Shabbat Sticker
Beautiful Shabbat stickers to brighten up your Shabbat crafts! Features 18 fabric, glitter, S..
Shabbat Velvet Art
  Design your own unique velvet art creation by carefully coloring the non velvet spaces..
Shopping for Shabbat Memory Game
  Shopping for Shabbat was never this much fun! Be the first player to fill your cart wi..
Way Too Much Challah Dough
  The dough kept on rising, each second, each minute.  I must have put way too much..