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6 Inch Aleph Bet Stencil
This set of plastic Aleph Bet stencils comes with the complete Aleph Bet including final letters ..
Aleph Bet Script Stencils
  This thick plastic Aleph Bet stencil features a unique Aleph Bet Script font complete ..
Blue Aleph Bet Stencil
Made from sturdy plastic, this Aleph Bet stencil sheet is a great medium when learning Aleph Bet!..
Chanukah Stencil
This hard plastic stencil features 7 Chanukah shapes and themes as well as the words "Chanukah Sa..
Chanukah Stencils
Package includes a set of 4 flexible Chanukah stencils. Stencils measure 6.5 x 9 inches. Incl..
Medium Aleph Bet Stencils
An essential tracing medium for every classroom, home arts and crafts closet and scrapbooking pro..
Passover Stencil Set
This Passover themed stencil set is sure to be a hit with any Passover craft! Contains 4 desi..
Purple Aleph Bet Stencil
This plastic Aleph Bet Stencil comes with 1 inch letters of the complete Hebrew Aleph Bet and num..
Small Aleph Bet Stencil
This thick plastic Aleph Bet stencil features a unique Aleph Bet font complete with final letter...